Instrument Overview

LAC searches for lightning flashes and maps airglow emissions on the nightside disk of Venus.


Definition of Product Level

Level 1 (l1)
raw data (count value in CSV format)
Level 2 (l2)
calibrated data (physical value in CSV format)

File Naming Convention

Filename is in "CAM_DATE_TIME_KIND_SEQ_LEVEL_VER.EXT" format.

Name of the camera: lac for LAC.
date in UTC when image taken at in "YYYYMMDD" format, where YYYY is four-digit year (2010 -- 20??), MM is two-digit month (01 -- 12), and DD is two-digit day (01 -- 31): e.g., 20151211 for 2015-12-11.
time in UTC when image taken at in "hhmmss" format, where hh is two-digit hour (00 -- 23), mm is two-digit minutes (00 -- 59), and ss is two-digit seconds (00 -- 59): e.g., 123704 for 12:37:04.
kind of image type: lig for image taken with lightning observation mode, and atm for image taken with airglow observation mode.
sequence number of the day in four digit, started from 0001: e.g., 0001 for 1st data.
level of product: l1, l2.
version string: v10 for "version 1.0".
extension that represents file type: csv for CSV file, jpg for JPEG file, png for PNG file, and lbl for PDS3 label file.

Data Processing tools


When you publish your own work based on the AKATSUKI LAC data, please refer to the following paper(s):

  1. Takahashi, Y., J. Yoshida, Y. Yair, T. Imamura, M. Nakamura, Lightning detection by LAC onboard the Japanese Venus climate orbiter, Planet-C, Space Sci. Rev., 137, 317-334, doi:10.1007/s11214-008-9400-x., 2008. URL

Related Papers

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